Commendation FAQs

1. What is the Veterans Ombud Commendation?
Many individuals and groups work tirelessly on behalf of Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and their families. It is often the dedication, hard-work and selfless motivation of these individuals and groups that lay the groundwork for positive and lasting change for the Veterans' community. Past recipients of the Commendation are inspiring examples of these qualities.
The Veterans Ombudsman, in consultation with the Veterans Ombudsman's Advisory Council (VOAC), awards the Veterans Ombudsman Commendation, in recognition of the efforts of these individuals and groups. The intent of the Veterans Ombudsman Commendation is to recognize and honour the exceptional dedication, hard-work and selfless motivation of an individual or group's contribution to Canada's Veterans and their families.
2. How do I submit a nomination?

Please send your nomination package by mail, fax or electronically:

By mail:
Office of the Veterans Ombud
PO Box 66
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7K2

By fax: 1 888-566-7582

By e-mail:

3. How will I know my application was received?
You will receive confirmation that we have received your nomination by either email or letter.
4. Can I submit a nomination using audio or video?
Yes! Please submit your audio clip or video nomination by email to
5. Do I still need to fill out a nomination form if I send in a video or audio file?
Yes. Your video or audio clip can be used as supporting information for the nomination but does not replace the written nomination form.
6. How do I submit an audio or video clip?
Please submit your audio clip or video by email to
7. When is the deadline to submit a nomination?
June 10, 2024
8. Is there a limit on the number of people or organizations I can nominate?
While we love hearing about all the individuals making an impact in the Veteran community, there is a maximum of two nominations by nominator in the same nomination period.
9. Can I nominate myself?
Unfortunately, no. The nominator and those who write letters of support must be different from the nominee.
10. Can I submit things outside the requirements, like newspaper articles or photos?
Yes, we love to see what amazing things these volunteers have done.
11. Who has received a commendation in the past?
You can see all of the past Veterans Ombud Commendation recipients here: Veterans Ombudsman Commendation Recipients - Office of the Veterans Ombudsman (
12. Can I nominate someone in more than one category?
Yes, but please note that there is a maximum of two nominations by nominator in the same nomination period.
13. The OVO helped me resolve an issue, can I nominate the staff member who helped me?
While we appreciate the recognition for the work of our staff, unfortunately OVO staff are not eligible to be nominated.
14. Is there anyone else not eligible to be nominated?
OVO staff, and members of the Veterans Ombuds Advisory Committee are not eligible to be nominated, nor are they eligible to put forward a nomination.
15. Is there a prize for being selected?
Yes, the recipient of the commendation is publicly recognized for their service and awarded a special token of gratitude from the Veterans Ombud.
16. What if I do not have two independent letters of support for the nominee?
Two letters are required for the application to be considered complete. We encourage you to seek out others who share your enthusiasm for your nominee, and request they supply a letter of support.
17. I nominated someone in a previous year, and they were not selected, can I nominate them again?
Yes. If they were nominated last year (2023) and were not selected, they will automatically be considered again this year. You may want to update the information in your nomination, to make them a stronger contender.
18. What is the selection process?
Once the nomination period is closed, submissions are reviewed by the Veterans Ombud Advisory Council who will then make their recommendations for final selection by the Ombud. Recipients will be contacted prior to the ceremony, scheduled to take place in November 2024.
19. When will the nominees be notified if they were selected?
The nominees are contacted in the fall prior to the official announcement.
20. When are the commendation awards announced?
Recipients will be announced to the public in November 2024.
21. Who do I contact if I have more questions?